You may have tried your browser's “private” mode,

Fig. 1 the incognito guy is pretty much the world's worst detective

but have you read the fine print?

Fig. 2 this is pretty much what all fine print says

Things like cookies and history
are deleted when you close out,

Fig. 3 cookie monster experiences an existential crisis

but there are plenty of other ways you're being tracked, like through your IP Address and logins.

Fig. 4 netograph for youporn.  yup, they watch you on there.

Search engines can still record your searches.

Fig. 5 skewed search results because 'you recently searched for obama'

Your internet provider can still see where you go.

Fig. 6 spying on internet use

So, even though YOU can't see your past activity,

Fig. 7 a large husky pretending to be a flower.  it isn't working very well.

the rest of the internet can.

Fig. 8 the internet is looking at you - get it?

Which means, advertisers can still
build profiles based on your activity,

Fig. 9 profiling is just wrong

which they use to show targeted ads
that follow you around the web.

Fig. 10 when i said follow me i meant on twitter

Also, all of this info can be requested by the government,

Fig. 11 subpeona cartoon

which renders “private” browsing pretty ineffective.

Fig. 12 putting out a blazing fire with a tiny bucket of water

So, “private” browsing or not,
your activity is still monitored

Fig. 13 hiding cat

unless you use services that don't track you by default

Fig. 14 Native American tracking someone

like DuckDuckGo for search.

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